Post Operative Treatment Made Easy

OneDrop RX Technology

A much needed alternative for patients who have undergone cataract or refractive surgery- FEWER bottles, FEWER applications, and FEWER dollars!

OneDrop is an all water based solution technology created to merge or blend multiple pharmaceutical ingredients that don't traditionally mix.  This enhances solubility which helps to perpetuate or sustain uniform drug delivery, balanced PH, and maintains isotonicity and osmolarity.  OneDrop was designed to successfully combine each ophthalmic ingredient in an easy to use drop that enhances patient compliance. 

OneDrop requires less than half of the drops prescribed using traditional therapies and is designed to provide significant cost savings for patients with and without pharmaceutical drug coverage. 

The average retail price of the three commonly prescribed medications following surgery is nearly $500.  Unfortunately the drug plans are very unpredictable and can cause a great amount of frustration for the physician, their staff, and the patients. 

Benefits of OneDrop RX

  • Fewer drops
  • Fewer bottles
  • Less confusion
  • Increased patient compliance
  • Eliminates insurance denials
  • No substitutions
  • Eliminates pharmacy call backs
  • Cost savings (out of pocket cost typically better than 3 drug copays)
  • Significantly reduces burden on Medicare

Cataract and Refractive Market Scope

A recent study showed the actual number of people aged 40 and older who have cataracts is 24,409,978.  Women are more likely to have cataracts than men and whites are more likely to have cataracts than blacks or Hispanics. The age group with the highest instance of cataracts are those aged 75-79 at 3,621,656.  Over 3.6 million cataract eye surgery procedures are conducted annually in the United States with the number expected to grow.  Because of the aging baby boomer generation this number is expected to continually increase annually over the next 10-15 years. 

The standard of care in the ophthalmic community for the treatment of post intra-ocular infection and inflammation is to have patients administer eye drops.  This can be quite burdensome for elderly patients and often requires assistance from family members or friends.  Post operative dosing instructions require a strict dosing regimen of multiple eye drops and can often lead to patient confusion.  This confusion leads to non compliance as many physicians have reported and experienced.  Unfortunately eye drops can be more expensive than the surgery itself, even for patients with good pharmaceutical drug benefit plans.  With costs on the rise for both branded and generic ophthalmic eye drops, OneDrop is a much needed alternative and solution for millions of patients undergoing cataract or refractive surgery.


OneDrop offers 4 different tailor made formulations which incorporate the most commonly prescribed medications by ophthalmic surgeons including an NSAID, anti-infective and steroid.


These formulations are comprised of:


Procedure Formulation
LASIK Steroid/Anti-infective
Cataract Steroid/Anti-inf/NSAID
Cataract Steroid/NSAID

Anti Infective

Anti-infective are typically used for the first few weeks following cataract or refractive surgery.  They are prescribed to prevent infection.


These drugs are indicated for the treatment of post operative inflammation and pain following cataract surgery.


These medications are typically prescribed to help reduce swelling following cataract or refractive surgery.